Friday, March 14, 2014

Questions to Ask


Moving can be such a stressful process! From buying the boxes and packing up all of your stuff to loading it all onto a truck. Rarely do you hear someone say, "I had so much fun moving!"

Hiring a moving company can take a lot of the pressure off. However, moving companies are not all the same. Hiring the wrong moving company can add even more stress than you had before the move! Here are 10 important questions to ask moving companies while calling around to get quotes:


1) Is your company licensed? - This is very important and not only ensures the safety of your belongings but it lets you know that you are listening to a reputable company!

2) What if I need switch the time I need to move, is there a cancelation fee? People have to change their moving times frequently because they do not end up closing on their house when they expected! Make sure that changing times is okay with the company and will not cost you more money.

3) Can you pack my items or simply carry out the big items? Many people do not want anything to do with the moving process. If you are one of them make sure you are asking the moving company if they are a full service moving company. If not, you may want to find another!

4) Do you have full-time employees or do you use temporary workers? You want people in your house carrying your household items that know what they are doing! Make sure that you know exactly who will be moving your important items.

5) Do you carry Workers Compensation for your employees? Once again, if it is a reputable company they will carry this. You do not want to be hiring a company that does not.

6) Will my items be ensured during the move? If something happens to go wrong during your move you want to know that your items will be covered! Many companies will have an additional fee for this or will not at all so you want to know going into the move!

7) What kind of training have your movers and drivers had?  So that you can get the best movers and drivers possible make sure that they have had plenty of experience. Do they have extra household that the movers and drivers practice with?

8) Is this a free estimate? Although one would assume the initial estate is free, you want to make sure of it! You can never ask too many questions.

9) What are your payment options? Does the moving company need all of your money upfront can they be more flexible with you. Some moving companies will hold your items on their truck until you pay them. That is not a situation that you want to be in so make sure that the company you chose will not do this!

10) What are ALL of your charges? Is it easy for a moving company to say a very low hourly price but turn around and have a million hidden charges! Make sure you ask this question and also ask specific fees they may have. These can be anything from a stair fee to a heavy item fee.

Although hiring a moving company can save you time and a few grey hairs you want to make sure that you do your research!

March Career Month


Two Men And A Truck is not a temporary place of employment, it is somewhere in which you can find a career! Two Men And A Truck Tulsa is always looking for hard working individuals!

By filling out our application online you can be on your way to a bright future!

What does it take to be a mover or a driver?

  • Provide exceptional customer service as you safely move, pack and unpack customer belongings.
  • Greet customer upon arriving at the specified location and complete a walk-through.
  • Communicate professionally in English, both verbally and in writing.
  • Assist driver with truck inspections and moving equipment inventory.
  • Share responsibility with the driver in accurately completing paperwork and payment collection.

  • Do you have to have prior mover/driver experience?

    Although it is a plus, it is not mandatory! We train all of our employees in our warehouse. We have lots of typical household items such as couches, televisions, and even refrigerators! Just simply apply online or stop by our location on Tuesdays at 2 P.M. which is located at 2013-C N. Willow Ave. Broken Arrow, OK, 74012.

    Are there any restrictions on who cannot work for you?

    During the hiring process every employee is asked to take a drug test. In addition, every employee is back ground checked. We want everyone to be in a healthy and safe environment when they are not only working here but helping the public. 

    Movers for Moms

     Movers for Moms began only a few years ago. This will be the first year that the Tulsa community will be participating in the event. Two Men And A Truck Tulsa is VERY excited! But what is Movers for Moms? Movers for Moms will run until Mother's Day to collect items for less fortunate mothers. Those items will be delivered on Mother's Day to women and their children who are living in homeless shelters.

    What to Donate?
    • Gently used clothes
    • Canned Goods
    • Toiletries
    • Children's Toys

    There are TWO different ways you can donate items to this great cause! The first is that you can drop off any of those items to 2013-C N. Willow Ave (Just look for our big trucks!) Broken Arrow, OK, 74012 or we can bring a donation box out to your business so that others can donate as well. Just give us a call at 918-234-2636 and we will be happy to drop a donation box off for you!
    So if you are moving or just looking to get rid of some items donate to this great cause!